Pastor Jerry Parr

Jerry Parr is best known as the 50-year-old Secret Service agent who saved President Reagan’s life during the 1981 assassination attempt. But his actions that day are just part of his remarkable story.

Chapters 10 and 11 of IN THE SECRET SERVICE describe Jerry Parr’s encounter with grace as his life took a sharp turn. As before, he risked his own safety to protect others, but now in surprising territory.

The Potter's HouseWhile still Assistant Director of the Secret Service, Parr began a Master’s program in Pastoral Counseling. Soon after retiring, he and his wife Carolyn  moved from the wealthy enclave of Potomac, MD  to Washington, DC. They began to attend The Church of the Saviour, whose pastor Gordon Cosby inspired members to develop hands-on friendships with the poor. Chapter 10 of IN THE SECRET SERVICE describes Parr’s journey from the White House to the Potter’s House and into the worlds of the “least of these.”

Jerry Parr in El SalvadorFollow Jerry Parr in Chapter 11 as he discovers the power of faith in an AIDS hospice in DC and a war in El Salvador. In the late ‘80s, when AIDS was 100% fatal, Jerry and Carolyn Parr volunteered at Mother Teresa’s hospice for homeless addicts with AIDS. Read how the Parrs  met the risen Christ in the blessing of a dying patient.

Ordained in 1989, Jerry Parr and others started the Festival Church. In 1992. he led a team to help a Salvadoran church and their war orphans. Parr drove a bus from DC to El Salvador where a miracle happened at the border.

Jerry and Carolyn Parr in El Salvador



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