Early life of Jerry Parr

Young Jerry ParrJerry Studstill Parr was born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1930, at the start of The Great Depression. His parents later moved to Miami, where young Jerry spent more time with his unemployed father than with his mother.

Jerry Parr went with his father everywhere — from dark, smoke-filled bars where his dad gave him sips of beer (“Don’t tell Mama”), to Biscayne Bay where they caught blowfish with cane poles, and Opa-Locka where they hunted quail and dove. Times were hard, and they ate whatever they killed.

Code of the Secret ServiceSometimes they went to the movies. One day, Parr’s dad took him to The Tower Theater on Northwest 4th Street to see a new feature film, Code of the Secret Service, starring Ronald Reagan as dashing Agent Brass Bancroft. Parr gripped his father’s arm as Brass survived one cliff-hanging moment after another, one narrow escape after another, before finally beating the bad guys and winning the girl. As he left the theater that night, young Jerry thought, I want to be a life saver, too!

Jerry Parr LinemanThe film was just one of many early experiences — some happy, some heartbreaking — that would influence Jerry Parr and shape his destiny. Throughout it all — his loving, alcoholic father, his parents’ divorce, a lonely adolescence, a violent stepfather, and several near-death experiences as a lineman for Florida Power and Light — he always felt the gracious light of his parents’ love and the protective sanctuary of God’s arms.

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