Gallery of Jerry Parr

Jerry Parr Hubert HumphreyJerry Parr with Vice President Hubert Humphrey, 1968.  Humphrey’s campaigns often attracted violent protesters. See Chapter 5 of IN THE SECRET SERVICE for why Parr called 1968 “The Year From Hell.”


Spiro Agnew Jerry Parr

Vice President Spiro Agnew and his wife Judy (whom the agents called “Mrs. A”) visited Parr and his family at their home in Maryland in December 1970.  See Chapter 6 of IN THE SECRET SERVICE for a behind-the-scenes look at the sad, historic day three years later when Agnew resigned from office — the second U.S. vice president ever to do so.


Jerry Parr with Hirohito

As Deputy Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) with the Foreign Dignitary Protective Division, Jerry Parr protected a number of visiting heads of state, including Queen Elizabeth of England, King Hussein of Jordan and Prime Minister Golda Meir of Israel. A photo of Parr with Emperor Hirohito during a visit to Williamsburg, Virginia, caused quite a stir in Japan — read Chapter 7 of IN THE SECRET SERVICE to learn why!


Jerry Parr Jimmy Carter

Jerry Parr with President Jimmy Carter in Kentucky, 1979. The president often took chances with his own personal safety. Read about the incident that caused Parr to “die a thousand deaths” in Chapter 8 of IN THE SECRET SERVICE.


Jerry Parr Camp David

On Christmas Eve of 1979, President Carter invited three men to bring their families and join him at Camp David: his helicopter pilot, his personal physician and Jerry Parr.


Jerry Parr Presidential Protective Detail

Courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Library

President Ronald Reagan with Jerry Parr and the agents of the Presidential Protective Division (PPD), 1981. See Chapter 9  for the gripping moment-by-moment account of the day the president almost died — and the brave men and women who saved him.


Jerry Parr Nancy Reagan

Jerry Parr with Nancy and Ronald Reagan at the airport in Berlin in 1982 (left) and at a White House Christmas party in 1983. Parr and Nancy Reagan remain good friends.

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